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School Directory for School Year 2019 - 2020

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.

This list is updated on a frequent basis as OSSE is informed of changes in the LEA and School environment. If you notice any changes that need to be made, please email us at
Deal Middle School405District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-2010202-939-4350 No3815 Fort Dr. NW 200166 - 8
Digital Pioneers Academy PCS1038Digital Pioneers Academy PCS317202-677-3522 Yes709 12TH STREET SE 200036 - 7
District of Columbia International School248District of Columbia International School181(202) 808-9033 Yes1400 Main Drive NW 200126 - 12
Dorothy I. Height Elementary School349District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 723-4100202-939-4350 No1300 Allison St. NW 20011PK3 - 5
Drew Elementary School231District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6040202-939-4350 No5600 Eads St. NE 20019PK3 - 5
Duke Ellington School of the Arts471District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0123202-939-4350 No3500 R St. NW 200079 - 12
Dunbar High School467District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3762202-939-4350 No101 N St. NW 200019 - 12
E.L. Haynes PCS - Elementary School1206E.L. Haynes PCS116(202) 667-4446202-706-5838 Yes4501 Kansas Ave NW 20011PK3 - 4
E.L. Haynes PCS - High School1138E.L. Haynes PCS116(202) 667-4446202-706-5838 Yes4501 Kansas Ave NW 200119 - 12
E.L. Haynes PCS - Middle School146E.L. Haynes PCS116(202) 667-4446202-706-5838 Yes3600 Georgia Ave NW 200105 - 8
Eagle Academy PCS - Congress Heights195Eagle Academy PCS117(202) 544-2646202-544-2646 Yes3400 Wheeler Rd SE 20032PK3 - 3
Eagle Academy PCS - Fairlawn1125Eagle Academy PCS117(202) 459-6825202-544-2646 Yes2345 R STREET SE 20020PK3 - 3
Early Childhood Academy PCS138Early Childhood Academy PCS118202-373-0035 Yes885 BARNABY STREET SE 20032PK3 - 3
Eastern High School457District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-4500202-939-4350 No1700 East Capitol St. NE 200039 - 12
Eaton Elementary School232District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0103202-939-4350 No3373 Van Ness St. NW 20008PK4 - 5
Educare of Washington DC1024District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 727-5604202-939-4350 No640 Anacostia Avenue NE 20019 
Eliot-Hine Middle School407District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-5380202-939-4350 No1840 Constitution Ave. NE 200026 - 8
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS - Brookland159Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS144(202) 265-7237202-265-7237 Yes3700 Oakview Terrace NE 20017PK3 - 5
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS - East End1059Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS144(202) 904-9545202-265-7237 No5600 E Capitol St NE 20019PK3 - 1
Excel Academy 318District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 373-0097202-939-4350 No2501 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. SE 20020PK3 - 8
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