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School Directory for School Year 2019 - 2020

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.

This list is updated on a frequent basis as OSSE is informed of changes in the LEA and School environment. If you notice any changes that need to be made, please email us at
DC Prep PCS - Benning Elementary School1110DC Prep PCS115(202) 398-2838202-398-2838 Yes100 41st St NE 20019PK3 - 3
DC Prep PCS - Benning Middle School218DC Prep PCS115(202) 396-3780202-635-4590 Yes100 41st St NE 200194 - 8
Bridges PCS142Bridges PCS107(202) 545-0515202-545-0515 Yes100 Gallatin St NE 20011PK3 - 5
Briya PCS126Briya PCS119202-797-7337 Yes100 Gallatin St NE 20011PK3 - PK4
Capital City PCS - High School1207Capital City PCS108(202) 808-9800202-808-9800 Yes100 Peabody St NW 200119 - 12
Capital City PCS - Lower School184Capital City PCS108(202) 808-9800202-808-9800 Yes100 Peabody St NW 20011PK3 - 4
Capital City PCS - Middle School182Capital City PCS108(202) 808-9800202-808-9800 Yes100 Peabody St NW 200115 - 8
Youth Services Center861District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 576-8388202-939-4350 No1000 Mt. Olivet Rd. NE 200027 - 12
Tyler Elementary School330District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-4810202-939-4350 No1001 G St. SE 20003PK3 - 5
Luke C. Moore High School884District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 281-3600202-939-4350 No1001 Monroe St. NE 200179 - 12
Dunbar High School467District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3762202-939-4350 No101 N St. NW 200019 - 12
Langley Elementary School370District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 724-4223202-939-4350 No101 T Street NE 20002PK3 - 5
IDEA PCS163IDEA PCS126(202) 399-4750 Yes1027 45th St NE 200199 - 12
Houston Elementary School251District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6170202-939-4350 No1100 50th Pl. NE 20019PK3 - 5
Carlos Rosario International PCS1119Carlos Rosario International PCS162(202) 797-4700 Yes1100 Harvard St NW 20009 
Walker-Jones Education Campus332District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-5934202-939-4350 No1125 New Jersey Ave. NW 20001PK3 - 8
Van Ness Elementary School331District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 727-4314202-939-4350 No1150 5th St SE 20003PK3 - 4
Brookland Middle School347District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 759-1999202-939-4350 No1150 Michigan Ave NE 200176 - 8
Cardozo Education Campus454District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 673-7385202-939-4350 No1200 Clifton St. NW 200096 - 12
Thomson Elementary School326District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 898-4660202-939-4350 No1200 L St. NW 20005PK3 - 5
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