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The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.

Information is updated annually by the first Monday in August.
Ketcham Elementary School257District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-1122 No1919 15th St. SE 20020PK3 - 5
Hearst Elementary School258District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0106 No3950 37th St. NW 20008PK3 - 5
Kimball Elementary School259District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6260 No3375 Minnesota Ave. SE 20019PK3 - 5
Monument Academy PCS260Monument Academy PCS184(202) 545-3180202-545-3180Yes500 19TH STREET NE 200025 - 8
Lafayette Elementary School261District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0116 No5701 Broad Branch Rd. NW 20015PK3 - 5
Langdon Elementary School262District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 576-6048 No1900 Evarts St. NE 20018PK3 - 5
Washington Global PCS263Washington Global PCS185(202) 796-2415 Yes525 SCHOOL STREET SW 200246 - 8
LaSalle-Backus Elementary School264District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6340 No501 Riggs Rd. NE 20011PK3 - 5
Leckie Education Campus266District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 645-3330 No4201 M.L. King Ave. SW 20032PK3 - 8
Kingsman Academy PCS267Kingsman Academy PCS186(202) 547-1028202-547-1028Yes1375 E STREET NE 200026 - 12
Friendship PCS - Online Academy268Friendship PCS120(202) 729-8287 Yes1351 NICHOLSON STREET NW 20011KG - 8
Friendship PCS - Armstrong Elementary269Friendship PCS120(202) 518-3928 Yes111 O STREET NW 20001PK3 - 3
Two Rivers PCS - Young Elementary School270Two Rivers PCS149(202) 388-1360 Yes820 26TH STREET NE 20002PK3 - 5
Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School271District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3244 No659 G St. NE 20002PK3 - 5
Key Elementary School272District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 729-3280 No5001 Dana Pl. NW 20016PK3 - 5
Mann Elementary School273District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0126202-939-4350No4430 Newark St. NW 20016PK3 - 5
Maury Elementary School274District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3838 No1250 Constitution Ave. NE 20002PK3 - 5
DC Prep PCS - Anacostia Elementary School276DC Prep PCS115(202) 729-3500 Yes1409 V STREET SE 20020PK3 - 3
Miner Elementary School280District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 397-3960 No601 15th St. NE 20002PK3 - 5
Washington Leadership Academy PCS283Washington Leadership Academy PCS194(240) 580-3371 Yes3015 4TH STREET NE 200179 - 12
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