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School Directory for School Year 2019 - 2020

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.

This list is updated on a frequent basis as OSSE is informed of changes in the LEA and School environment. If you notice any changes that need to be made, please email us at
Ross Elementary School305District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 673-7200202-939-4350 No1730 R St. NW 20009PK4 - 5
Bancroft Elementary School204District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 673-7280202-939-4350 No1755 Newton St. NW 20010PK3 - 5
Goodwill Excel Center PCS297Goodwill Excel Center PCS190(202) 839-3650202-839-3676 Yes1776 G St NW 200069 - 12
Perry Street Preparatory PCS161Perry Street Preparatory PCS125(202) 529-4400202-529-4400 Yes1800 Perry St NE 20018PK3 - 8
AppleTree Early Learning Center PCS - Parklands at THEARC1069AppleTree Early Learning PCS103(202) 506-1890 Yes1801 Mississippi Avenue SE 20032PK3 - PK4
Hardy Middle School246District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 729-4350202-939-4350 No1819 35th St. NW 200076 - 8
Burroughs Elementary School220District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 576-6150202-939-4350 No1820 Monroe St. NE 20018PK3 - 5
Cleveland Elementary School224District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-4380202-939-4350 No1825 8th St. NW 20001PK3 - 5
Eliot-Hine Middle School407District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-5380202-939-4350 No1840 Constitution Ave. NE 200026 - 8
Langdon Elementary School262District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 576-6048202-939-4350 No1900 Evarts St. NE 20018PK3 - 5
Inspiring Youth Program480District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 523-7119202-939-4350 No1901 D St. SE 200039 - 12
St. Coletta Special Education PCS1047St. Coletta Special Education PCS143(202) 350-8680202-350-8680 Yes1901 Independence Ave SE 20003PK3 - 12
Ketcham Elementary School257District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-1122202-939-4350 No1919 15th St. SE 20020PK3 - 5
Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS3064Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS165(202) 248-6825 Yes200 Douglas St NE 20002PK3 - 8
Rosemount Center1027District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 265-9885202-939-4350 No2000 Rosemount Avenue NW 20010 
AppleTree Early Learning Center PCS - Douglas Knoll3072AppleTree Early Learning PCS103(202) 629-2545 Yes2017 Savannah Terrace SE 20020PK3 - PK4
Meridian PCS165Meridian PCS135(202) 387-9830202-387-9830 Yes2120 13th St NW 20009PK3 - 8
School Without Walls High School466District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 645-9690202-939-4350 No2130 G St. NW 200379 - 12
The Children's Guild PCS255The Children's Guild DC PCS188(202) 774-5442202-774-5442 Yes2146 24th Pl NE 20018KG - 8
Nalle Elementary School288District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6280202-939-4350 No219 50th St. SE 20019PK3 - 5
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