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School Directory for School Year 2022 - 2023

The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.
Creative Minds International PCS - ECE Transition1272Creative Minds International PCS169(202) 588-0370 Yes3700 NORTH CAPITOL STREET NW 20011PK3 - PK4
DC Bilingual PCS - ECE Transition1273DC Bilingual PCS114(202) 750-66742027506674Yes33 RIGGS ROAD NE 20011PK3 - PK4
DC Prep PCS - ECE Transition1234DC Prep PCS115(202) 519-39552026354590Yes707 EDGEWOOD STREET NE 20017PK3 - PK4
DC Scholars PCS - ECE Transition1288DC Scholars PCS170(202) 559-6138 Yes5601 EAST CAPITOL STREET SE 20019PK3 - PK4
DC Wildflower PCS - The Riverseed School1176DC Wildflower PCS359(202) 996-8371 Yes913 55TH ST NE 20019PK3 - PK4
E.L. Haynes PCS - ECE Transition1237E.L. Haynes PCS116(202) 667-44462027065838Yes3600 GEORGIA AVENUE NW 20010PK3 - PK4
Eagle Academy PCS - ECE Transition1236Eagle Academy PCS117(202) 459-6825 Yes400 VIRGINIA AVENUE SW SUITE 710 20024PK3 - PK4
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS - ECE Transition1280Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS144(202) 265-72372022657237Yes3700 OAKVIEW TERRACE NE 20017PK3 - PK4
Friendship PCS - ECE Transition1281Friendship PCS120(202) 562-1681 Yes1400 1ST STREET NW SUITE 300 20001PK3 - PK4
Global Citizens PCS - ECE Transition1274Global Citizens PCS357(240) 230-72283012044651Yes4095 MINNESOTA AVENUE NE 20019PK3 - PK4
Harmony DC PCS - ECE Transition1241Harmony DC PCS180(202) 529-75002025297500Yes62 T STREET NE 20002PK3 - PK4
Hope Commuity PCS - ECE Transition1242Hope Community PCS121(202) 832-7370 Yes2917 8TH STREET NE 20017PK3 - PK4
I Dream PCS - ECE Transition1243I Dream PCS345(202) 922-7221 Yes2220 BRANCH AVENUE SE 20020PK3 - PK4
Ingenuity Prep PCS - ECE Transition1244Ingenuity Prep PCS173(202) 562-03915083452499Yes4600 LIVINGSTON ROAD SE 20032PK3 - PK4
Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS - ECE Transition1286Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS165(202) 248-6825 Yes200 DOUGLAS STREET NE 20002PK3 - PK4
KIPP DC - ECE Transition1284KIPP DC PCS129(202) 562-91702022655477Yes2600 VIRGINIA AVENUE NW SUITE 900 20037PK3 - PK4
KIPP DC - LEAP Academy PCS132KIPP DC PCS129(202) 582-5327 Yes4801 BENNING ROAD SE 20019PK3 - PK4
Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS - ECE Transition1247Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS130(202) 726-6200 Yes5000 14TH STREET NW 20011PK3 - PK4
LEARN DC PCS - ECE Transition1248Learn DC PCS358(202) 949-0930 Yes100 DUNCAN STREET SW 20032PK3 - PK4
Lee Montessori PCS - ECE Transition1276Lee Montessori PCS177(202) 779-97402027799740Yes3025 4TH STREET NE 20017PK3 - PK4
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