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The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) assigns state identification numbers for each Local Education Agency (LEA) and their associated schools. These identification numbers are vital in SLED for identifying and reporting data associated with each school and LEA. The LEA/School Directory contains basic directory information, including the LEA and School Identification numbers.

Information is updated annually by the first Monday in August.
Murch Elementary School287District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 282-0130 No4810 36th St. NW 20008PK3 - 5
Nalle Elementary School288District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6280 No219 50th St. SE 20019PK3 - 5
Noyes Elementary School290District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 281-2580 No2725 10th St. NE 20018PK3 - 5
Oyster-Adams Bilingual School292District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6130 No2801 Calvert St. NW and 2501 11th St. NW 20008PK3 - 8
Patterson Elementary School294District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-5280 No4399 South Capitol Terr. SW 20032PK3 - 5
Paul PCS - International High School222Paul PCS138(202) 291-7499 Yes5800 8TH STREET NW 200119 - 12
Paul PCS - Middle School170Paul PCS138(202) 291-7499202-769-4802Yes5800 8TH STREET NW 200115 - 8
Payne Elementary School295District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3262 No1445 C St. SE 20003PK3 - 5
Peabody Elementary School (Capitol Hill Cluster)301District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 698-3277202-939-4350No425 C St. NE 20002PK3 - KG
Perry Street Preparatory PCS161Perry Street Preparatory PCS125(202) 529-4400202-551-0814Yes1800 PERRY STREET NE 20018PK3 - 8
Perry Street Preparatory PCS - ECE Transition1283Perry Street Preparatory PCS125(202) 529-4400202-551-0814Yes1800 PERRY STREET NE 20018PK3 - PK4
Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School478District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 729-4360 No704 26th St. NE 200029 - 12
Plummer Elementary School299District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 939-4360 No4601 Texas Ave. SE 20019PK3 - 5
Powell Elementary School300District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 671-6270 No1350 Upshur St. NW 20011PK3 - 5
Randle Highlands Elementary School316District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 729-3250 No1650 30th St. SE 20020PK3 - 5
Raymond Elementary School302District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 576-6236 No915 Spring Rd. NW 20010PK3 - 5
Richard Wright PCS for Journalism and Media Arts3067Richard Wright PCS for Journalism and Media Arts167(202) 388-1011 Yes475 SCHOOL STREET SW 200248 - 12
River Terrace Education Campus304District of Columbia Public Schools001(202) 442-7111 No405 Anacostia Ave. NE 200193 - 12
Rocketship PCS - ECE Transition1275Rocketship Education DC PCS191(202) 750-7177 Yes2335 RAYNOLDS PLACE SE 20020PK3 - PK4
Rocketship PCS - Infinity Community Prep1150Rocketship Education DC PCS191(202) 627-2256 Yes5450 3RD STREET NE 20011PK3 - 5
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