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SEDS Announces Changes to the Special Education Data System (SEDS or “EasyIEP)

The March 2016 Release document is intended to provide a summary of changes that occurred in the Special Education Data System (SEDS or “EasyIEP”). If an LEA has questions about any of the changes, please submit a ticket through the OSSE Support Tool.

Area of System

Summary of Changes

Eligibility Process

·       The Assessment Duration field on the Additional Assessments page will now be mandatory.


IEP Process

·       The ESY page will be updated to allow users to delete Speech-Only ESY services.


·       Pursuant to local regulations 5-E DCMR 3002.1(b), the exit age on the Graduation Planning page has been updated to include the age twenty-two.


Service Logging Wizard

·       The system rule automatically deleting deleted service trackers will be disabled. All deleted service trackers must be approved by a Special Education Coordinator or other administrator.



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